Sunday Worship:
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Macquarie church of Christ - Worship Service

For the following Sundays Worship service will begin at 10.45. We will advise you of any changes. Please see the Conditions downloads below.

Members and visitors who wish to attend the Sunday service at 10.45am are required to have their names placed on a roster which will be published each Friday night via email. It is important that if your name is not on the roster, you do not attend. Please contact P. Tickner for details.

Macquarie Church of Christ - Meeting Conditions (Doc)

Macquarie Church of Christ - Meeting Conditions (pdf)

Meetings in the church building will be in accordance with Government regulations.

Bank Details for your Contribution:
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Macquarie Church of Christ
Account Number: 143538
BSB: 032 088


We are truly a family.
We will show our love for one another best
by safeguarding each other's health during this crisis.